A brief, short history

  The Society || A Brief History of MSS || Formation of the Society

Ideas on the need to have a platform for spine surgeons have been floating for some time. Slowly the initiative started with e-discussion group in June 2003. Eventually a meeting was held during MOA annual conference at Kota Bharu on 2004 on agreed to have a regular circle meeting at KL. The meeting was then held at Damansara SH where Dr Abdul Malek Hussin host the circle meeting. The generally agreed position was that there would be a n spine –interest group within MOA. However after further deliberation finally a protem committee was formed to register a spine society by the name of Malaysia Spine Society. It was applied on 16th of March 2006 at Kota Bharu and after few revisions on the bylaws the society was officially registered on 13th Of October 2006.

Meeting with Prof Kokubun-discussion on for-mation of Malaysia spine society(9/9/2004)

In conjunction with inaugural scientific meeting of the society was held at Mariott Putrajaya 9-10th December 2006 with the theme “Spine Trauma & Non-Fusion Techniques”

Regular circle meetings were held mostly in Kuala Lumpur which helps to foster and enhance knowledge sharing. Meanwhile an affiliate to the society, East Coast Spine Circle also holding regular meeting shuffling between Kota Bharu, Kuala Trengganu and Kuantan as the venue. Temerloh host the meeting in 2008.

Informal meetings whenever possible –before formation of MSS(2005)

MSS hold annual general meeting but the election for the office-bearers is held biennially. The first President was Dr Abdul Malek Hussin who was also the protem President and he held the post for two terms (2006-2009) Prof Dato Dr Mohammad Abdul Razak is holding the President post since 2009 until 2012.

Spine Circle Meeting at Damansara SH-before formation of MSS(2005)

MSS since then was given due recognition as a group of expert in spine. Representatives from the society were invited as examiners for spine fellowship program organized by Ministry Of Health. In 2011 Scoliosis Research Society(SRS) - a well known world wide highly rated societyhas chosen MSS to organized its world wide educational program by holding MSS-SRS International Spine Congress 2011.